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Job History

Dagmar Windisch has been active in theater-tour production since 1993 and since 1998 she has been in charge of the adaptation and production of 21 running European and international productions.


Since the establishment of her company outside eye creative service & theaterproduktions gmbh in 2002, Dagmar Windisch’s focus have been touring and long-run productions as well as creative and organizational production services and arranging guest performances. Outside eye’s field of activities is enriched by successful co-operations with theaters, producers and promotors.

She initiated and negotiated 1st German productions of Backbeat, Priscilla-Queen of the Desert, Shakespeare in Love, Rotterdam, Catch Me If You Can and is currently working on bringing Everybody is talking about Jamie to stages in the GSA areas.


Dagmar Windisch is a translator of the authors Keith Huff, Ian Softley and Stephen Jeffreys, Zach Helm, Gina Gionfriddo, Theresa Rebeck, Glen Berger, David Lindsay-Abaire, Brook Berman, Kathleen Clarke and Piers Chater Robinson.

In 2003 she brought We Will Rock You to the BB Group and for ten years has been responsible for its realization in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. In 2009 the musical Hairspray premiered in Cologne. She was also responsible for the Rocky Horror Show tour between 2008 and 2012, the West Side Story tour between 2003 and 2014 as well as its England tours in 2008 and 2013/2014.

Her professional focus in theater is directed towards the promotion of performers and authors. Discovering foreign-language authors and their individual language as well as the development of creative teams and young stage talents belong to the most exciting challenges of her profession.

Dagmar Windisch is born in Vienna.

Theater Studies, University of Vienna

opera and musical productions with Jerome Savary at the                                           Bregenzer Festspiele, Volksoper and Burgtheater, Vienna

“Berlin Affaire”, “The Vast Domain”, “Strauss Dynasty”,

“One hundred objects to present the world”, “Kaisermühlenblues“,                             “Mesmer” in cooperation with Liliana Cavani, Luc Bondy, Marvin                                  Chomsky, Peter Greenaway, Reinhard Schwabenitzky                                                    and Roger Spottiswoode


Ronacher Wien, Producerin für Entertainment Shows von Shirley                              McLaine, André Heller und Woody Allen.
„Spezialitäten“ (Werner Herzog), „Clowns“ (Bernhard Paul)                                            „Noch einmal Herr Direktor“ (Michael Heltau)

„Hava Nagila“ (Ivana DeVert) und Theatre Cirque Archaos

project direction and production for YUME by André Heller in                                   Japan as well as assistance for the circus “Divinely Gifted Bodies”.“

production of "Beauty and the Beast" for BB Promotion                                                 Supervising producer for “Saturday Night Fever”

German Casting Director for the European production of „Fosse“.

Supervising producer of STORM at the Barbican Theatre, London.

DVD-production of the play “Carmen Flamenco”.

1983 – 1989

1984 – 1992     

1993 – 1996   





1996 – 1998  

1998 – 2002  

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