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Let him go


Drew Sarich & Endwerk Orchestra
Booking: outside eye

Together with producer Titus Vadon and the Endwerk Orchestra, Drew Sarich launched the album “Let him go”.
Drew Sarich and the Endwerk Orchestra surprised their fans while gaining new audiences with this concert and album project.

Endwerk Orchestra
Titus Vadon- drums, percussion, vocals Harald Baumgartner- bass, vocals Christopher Harras- guitar, vocals Bernhard Rabitsch- trumpet, vocals Erwin Bader- keyed instruments Rainer Gutternigg- brass instruments, strings Manfred Franzmeier- woodwind instruments

Watch the video for some impressions of the project after the first fulminant concert on Sunday, May 8, at the MUTH and after a sold-out concert at the Stadtsaal (May 25) in!
Starting now the group is available for concerts!


Call us for details!


January 5, 2017

Stadtsaal, Vienna

February 24, 2017

Bühne im Hof, St. Pölten

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