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Catch Me If You Can


An outside-eye scouting-project turned into a coproduction between the Theater in der Josefstadt, the BB Group and outside eye. We gladly initiated this coproduction and production outsourcing.
The Staatsoperette Dresden is hosting the Viennese production from 2015 to 2017 for three seasons.  In 2015 Catch me if you can was guest performed at the Deutsches Theater in Munich by the Staatsoperette Dresden. Further coproductions are in planning.




German Premiere: October 2013
Theater in der Josefstadt, Vienna


Dresden premiere: January, 2015

Munich premiere: September 2015 

Jagsthausen premiere: 1. Juni 2017

Hamburg premiere: 14. Juli 2018

Nürnberg premiere: 6. Oktober 2018

Tour Germany: 2019  28.1. - 17.2. and

14.9. - 13.10.

Darmstadt premiere: September 21st

Booking and production support: outside eye 

We will keep you up-to-date! Call us for details!

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