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Evelyn Ruzicka


Evelyn Ruzicka sings Edith Piaf
Everything began at the Schauspielhaus Salzburg where Evelyn Ruzicka was assigned the part of Edith Piaf…
The journey continues after a sold-out concert series at the Musiktheater Linz and a Germany debut in Heiligendamm… “It wasn’t sweat dripping from Evelyn Ruzicka’s chin. Those were real tears. This was authenticity in its highest form.” (Salzburger Nachrichten)
The artist’s repertoire is cool, sentimental, smoky, edgy, sensitive and with huge respect for her role models Edith Piaf, Zaz, and Annett Louisan while extending it by German chansons.
Line Up:
Evelyn Ruzicka (vocals)
Gerald Schuller (piano)
Maria Düchler (accordion)
Franz Heinrich Lirsch (contrabass)
Simon Schellnegger (viola)
Roland Wörndl (sound)



27 July, 2016
Eggerhaus Altmünster Kultursommer

20 January, 2016
Kulturhaus „Im Schöffl“

26 Januar, 2017

Musiktheater Linz 

23 February, 2017

21 March, 2017

Akkordeon Festival

Kosmos Theater, Vienna

22 March, 2017
Stadttheater Wels - Kultur am Tisch

23 March, 2017
Kleines Theater, Salzburg

25 March, 2017
Kulturszene Kottingbrunn

16 September, 2017 
Kunsthaus Weiz

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