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Isn't that me?


With Christian Dolezal
Book: Thomas Glavinic
Directed by Thomas Gratzer
Stage design: Ingo Pertramer
Written by Thomas Glavinic as a solo performance
with Christian Dolezal
A Rabenhof Theater success
A desperately comical quest for recognition and success as well as a personal insight into the artist’s existence meandering between creative madness and crippling normalcy.
That’s me, highly acclaimed by the public and critics alike, entered the shortlist of the German Book Prize and advanced to become one of the most successful novels of 2007. Christian Dolezal accepts the challenge of performing this crazy story alone. A tour de force through the thinking and the life of a restless soul filled with absurdity, desperation, self-irony and incredible humor.




October 22, 2016

Kultur im Gugg, Braunau 


November 11, 2016

Tischlerei Melk


October 10, 2017

Staufener Kulturwoche, Spiegelzelt

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