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TV- Shows Events

Performances during Wetten dass … 2004, 2009, 2011, 2013 with different musicals Carmen Nebel Show 2009. The performance was planned and budgeted together with a creative team in accordance with the broadcasters. We also managed the organizational team. outside eye was present at the studio during rehearsals and during airtime.
Further events:
Audi A8 roadshow introduction together with Circus STORM. Conception and organization
In addition to Audi’s event agency.
Opening of the Allianz Arena, Munich with We Will Rock You 2005
As well as further events…


Brian May & Rodger Taylor @ Wetten dass 2004

We will Rock you @ Wetten dass 2013

Rocky Horror Show @ Wetten dass 2011

Hairspray @ Wetten dass 2009

Hairspray @ Carmen Nebel 2010

We Will Rock You @ Allianz Arena München

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