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West Side Story


An outside eye producing and casting supervisions project – 2003-2014

The production was artistically developed and produced on commission following our successful artistic conception for a European 1st-class touring-production. Personally concerted with BB Promotion and partners, prepared extensively on their account and newly arranged in intervals between 12 and 18 months. We were also responsible for all production budgeting and negotiations, tour support, negotiations and composition concerning coproduction and casting supervision. The show was casted in New York, London and Australia.

Followed by West Side Story Asia, Australia, England and numerous BB-Promotion-tours in Europe.
Thank for your trust, Michael Brenner!
The show was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Musical Revival 2009 on occasion of the guest performance at the Saddler’s Wells Theater. The show can still be seen with BB Promotion.
Commissioned by BB Promotion @BB Group




Berlin-Paris-London Europe-Tour


World Tour

London and Europe-Tour,

Paris and Europe Tour

Macau and South-East Asia Tour


Germany Tour

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